State Track and Field Guide

Congratulations to the Mustangs and Fillies that qualified for the State Track Meet.  Competition begins Thursday morning.  Below is a guide to the athlets competing. 

Boys Heat Sheets and Lane Assignments

Girls Heat Sheets and Lane Assignments

Spectator Information

Thursday, May 16th

9:00 AM: Girls SHR (Luebke, Knudsen, Miles, Frett)

9:00 AM: Boys High Jump (Jordan Sedivec)

9:40 AM: Girls 3000 (Natalie Paulson)

10:10 AM: Boys 3200 (Aiden Ramsey)

11:00 AM: Boys 200 (Rancy Freeman)

11:20 AM: Girls 4x800 (Muhlstein, Little, Mikota, Megan Sterbenz)

1:05 PM: Boys 100 (Rancy Freeman)

Friday, May 17th

9:00 AM: Girls Distance Medley (Mikota, Sami Sterbenz, Angus, Megan Sterbenz)

9:00 AM: Girls Shot Put (Dakota Miles)

10:00 AM: 100 Hurdles (Sarah Frett)

10:20 AM: Boys 4x200 (Grimes, Todd, Liebe, Freeman)

11:30 AM: Girls Long Jump (Sarah Frett)

12:40 PM: Girls 4x100 (Paup, Knudsen, Ashley, Frett)

1:20 PM: Girls 4x400 (Mikota, Muhlstein, Angus, Sami Sterbenz

Saturday, May 18th

9:00 AM: Girls Sprint Medley (Paup, Knudsen, Ashley, Sami Sterbenz)

9:50 AM: Boys Sprint Medley (Boley, Tarwo, Grimes, Liebe)

10:30 AM: Girls 800 (Megan Sterbenz and Audrey Anderson)

2:15 PM: Boys 1600 (Aiden Ramsey)

2:45 PM: Girls 1500 (Megan Sterbenz)