District Individual Speech Results

District Individual Speech Results

Here are the Individual Events Speech students who received Division I ratings at the District Contest on Saturday.   Each of these students advances to the State Contest on March 11 at Johnston. 

Acting                       Jayson Peitzman                   Rating   I

Improvisation            Gracie Stephens                    Rating   I

Solo Musical               Allison Koch                         Rating   I

Radio                          Ryan Capps                        Rating   I

Public Address             Holly Ellis                              Rating   I

Radio                          Spencer Navara                  Rating   I

Radio                          Kara Moran                          Rating   I

Storytelling                Alissa Albright                       Rating   I

Storytelling                Kole Hicok                              Rating   I

Expository                  Kimberly Phillips                  Rating   I

Storytelling                Dori Clausen                          Rating   I

Spontaneous              Katie Thompson                    Rating   I

Review                        Parker Schmidt                     Rating   I

Oratory                       Kara Moran                           Rating   I

Rublic  Address         Ryan Capps                            Rating   I

Review                        Rachel Overla                        Rating   I

Prose                          Aaron Mensing                      Rating   I

Solo Musical               Gracie Stephens                    Rating   I

Spontaneous              Sydney Wagner                     Rating   I

Poetry                         Dori Clausen                          Rating   I

Storytelling                Sarah Frett                             Rating   I